News 2015

A great success of our team member Theresia

Monday, 2nd November 2015, 17:53

On October, 17th Theresia could celebrate her graduation in business studies. After three years of studies beside the job she finished this top education with the best possible result. Dear Theresia, we really appreciate to have you in our team. The past 3 years were very intensive for you but with enormous efforts you achieved all your aims. Congratulations from Hans and Ulli with the MEVO-team.




15 Tons of Granulate per Hour

Thursday, 24th September 2015, 17:41

Our new machine for automatic emptying of raw material bags is set up at the moment in our plastic film factory in Schnepfau. The new machine is very efficient and can handle 600 bags of granulate material per hour which is equivalent to 15 tons (!). Until now our staff had to do this work manually.

LaborSave-Mevo-2 2015-09-03 19.07.46



End of summer…

Wednesday, 09th September 2015, 12:33

In our valley it is a sign for the end of summer when the cows return from their ‘summer residences’ in the alps.  During these days about 1500 cows with their herdsmen pass our production units.  Their destination is our beautiful village Schwarzenberg where the cows go back to their owners.  It is a great spectacle every year…

IMG_20150908_114419 _-2



New member of the Mevo office staff

Friday, 21st August 2015, 09:38

The 15 year old Michael Nußbaumer who lives in our area Bregenzerwald has just started his career as an office manager at Mevo.  Welcome in the Mevo team, a good start and an enjoy an exciting time during your education in the “world of hangers”.

Mevo Lehrling Michael Nußbaumer



New Mevo lorry with a new design

Wednesday, 01st April 2015, 12:25

 Since half a year our lorry driver Asmir supplies our customers with a brand new Scania R730 with Euro-6-norm. With this currently strongest 8-cylinder lorry from Scania he serves our customer all-around Europe such as Hamburg, Paris or Rome. Have a good trip Asmir!

MEVO Scania R 730