Information about the current „COVID-19“ situation at MEVO:

We would like to inform you, that there is no need to worry, as our production is running.
We are also happy to tell you that we were able to increase our raw material stocks in case of any changes.
All in all, Mevo is currently not facing any problems due to the Corona Virus.

We will definitely keep you updated in case of any changes.

Depuis la fondation de l’entreprise MEVO Metzler par M. Guntram Metzler en 1956, nous réalisons la production industrielle d’articles pour pressings et blanchisseries (cintres métalliques, films plastiques, articles en papier). Partant de la production, d’abord manuelle, de cintres de bois, nous sommes devenus le plus important producteur dans notre secteur d’activité.